Monday, July 9, 2012

A Lil' Bit of Monica...and a Whole Lot of Randomness

Although it is nine days into July, (but who's counting, right?), I am finally able to link up with Farley (for my first time ever) at:

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But, I'm not done...I was recently bestowed the One Lovely Blog Award

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Thank you, girlies :)

Now for the 7 shades of randomness that goes along with the VB award...(just nod your head if you got that reference...)

1. I moonlight as a cart girl (and sometimes bartender) at a local golf course...when you have a daughter in college, you do what you gotta, I get adult conversation...wait, after a few holes and a couple of beverages, they're not much different than my 6 and 7-year olds...

my sweet ride...see my friends Jack, Crown, Smirnoff?
2. I know absolutely nothing about golf...see #1 above, but, hey it hasn't affected my duties...all I need to know is Jack, Crown, Smirnoff....

3. I am a self-proclaimed Bon Jovi freak! And, admitting your addiction is the first step...but, I don't want to recover!!! It goes basically like this, "Hi, I'm Monica, I love Jon." Well, not exactly like that, but how else does everybody know that I LOVE THIS BAND?!

4. I have a dog named Jovi...see #3 above...

5. I have a tattoo of the Bon Jovi smirk...see #3 above...I told you...I really wasn't exaggerating...

6. I missed a Bon Jovi concert due to food poisoning at Mason's Geli...I shall not speak the name of the place that nearly killed you can see, I'm still not over my anger and disappointment...and I tell everyone I talk don't go there!!! Ok, I'm better now :)

notice my still untorn/ unused ticket :(
7. I can fit through the doggy door at my THAT needs a lil' back boyfriend and I were about to go to Simply Fondue (where you get to dip everything) for my birthday dinner this past Saturday...we had reservations...well, when we got into his truck, he realized that he didn't grab his keys. So, he looks at me, "Where's your keys?"...I'm like, "They don't fit in this"....(duh!!)

holds phone, I.D., and lipstick ONLY
So, alas...we were locked out...we checked the Jeep (it has a garage remote) and his Infiniti (it has the garage door-button memory thing)...but, for once, they were also locked. My SUV is in the closed garage. I know...two people, four vehicles, don't ask...SO, not only did we not have any keys to drive anywhere, we did not have any way to get in the house to get keys...

UNTIL, he says to me, "You're gonna have to go in the doggy door." Huh, what?! He's watched one too many Mission Impossible movies...I'm thinkin' we're callin' a cab (woo-hoo first-time cab ride), and we'll figure this out later...

You may wonder why that idea popped in his head so easily and freely, and I blame that on my dear daughter...who casually mentioned that she'd done it a few times when she'd forgotten her keys...(and I'm hoping that was the reason...)

BACK to me and the situation (I've kinda always wanted to say that):

REMEMBER, people...I am birthday-dinner dressed, so my hair is done, and I'm wearing a dress (not the usual tank top and shorts)...thank goodness the doggy door is not in the front of the house...else I would have some 'plaining to do to my neighbors...

As I stand there...he's telling me "go feet first" way am I doing's not a freakin' slide for cryin' out I go in head first...thinking I MUST be caught in an episode of Bloopers/ Funniest Home Videos/ Punk'd...

gross, gross, GROSSNESS!!!
BUT, I made it in refreshed and grabbed not only his keys, but MY keys, too...silently cursed his adult ADD that put us in this situation to begin with...and went on our way...

Arriving with just minutes to spare, dinner was amazing...and I got a slice of cheesecake and some champagne on the house...

I will never look at the doggy door the same way again...

And that, my friend, is probably feel like you got to know me a wee bit more than you wanted to, huh?!

What have YOU had to do when you've gotten locked out of your house???


  1. Oh my goodness, I can't believe your story about the doggy door! I'm sorry that had to happen to you especially all dressed up for your birthday! I definitely want to see Magic Mike too. That is tops on my list of movies to see right now! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. Hi, Lisa...yeah, me and the doggy door have this bond dragged my daughter to see Rock of Ages...I couldn't have very well taken her to see Magic, she'd ALREADY seen it!! So, I'm still waiting...


  2. So sorry to hear about your brother. Last month was a year since my cousin passed and I wonder if it ever gets easier...

    I can't believe that you went through your doggy door! We don't have a doggy door at my house (or a dog for that matter... yet!) so when I lock myself out I have to wait for someone to bring me keys! Unfortunately that has happened quite a few times, but luckily we have a lot of great friends and family members that live close so I don't usually have to wait too long! If they ever move, I may have to install a doggy door! :)

    A Turn to Learn

    1. Hi, Jessica...thank you...Phillip's birthday is also this it's just a difficult month all the way around...I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin...I can tell you that the pain doesn't necessarily ever go away, but it gets easier to manage...just try to focus on what your cousin brought into your life and the positive impact your cousin had on's the only way to heal...

      You would think with 4 sets of car keys, a garage remote, and two built-in garage-door memory buttons, we'd always have a way in the daughter is only other person with keys, and she was at work...and an UNUSED doggy door wouldn't have been so

      Thanks for commenting!!

  3. Too funny!!!! Love how you write and I am hoping to see Magic Mike too!

    1. Thanks so much, Heather! Maybe you and I need to meet Lisa at the for stopping by!

  4. Hi! Your tips are up!!!! Come check them Out! :)
    Tori's Teacher Tips

    1. Tori, yea!! It looks great...thanks for allowing me to be a guest :)

  5. Looks like you are a multiple winner!
    You're Awesome!!

    1. Thank you, Sarah!!! I added your blog button above :)