Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Daily 5 Book Study - Chapter 4 and a Freebie

Hi, friends...had this been published on the day it was supposed to be, the chapter picture may have been a wee bit more meaningful...but, alas...here I am...with Chapter 4: Read-to-Self. We have layed the groundwork and now we can get started!
But, first a big thank you to our hostesses Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies and Laura from Tattling to the Teacher!

The basic introduction for our kiddos is the Three Ways to Read a Book:

three ways to read a book
find the rest of Janaye's packet here
What I think will be a little bit easier for me to explain (in a more meaningful way) is "reading the pictures" due to the other book study that I'm participating in: In Pictures and In Words by Katie Wood Ray. What I have read so far helps me understand that the illustrations have been as carefully chosen as the words the author has used. I needed to help my kiddos "read" the pictures as deliberate decisions and not look just look at them as funny pictures or splashes of color...which is also really cool to look at, though...

As I reread this chapter, I found myself honing in on key phrases that will help make this a seamless part of our classroom culture:

* multiple short practice sessions, with repetition and discussion throughout the first weeks of school (p. 46)
* the tone for the entire year is established during the early weeks of school (p. 47)

It's simple, right? Discussion, model, practice, check-in, discussion, stamina, perfection...right?! Well, ok, not perfection, but pretty close...what I mean is that once we put into place our expectations and explain why it is important to Read to Self, using our I-charts, correct/ incorrect model, and check-in discussions, we should have a good foundation for all the other literacy tasks to come...

Here are some goodies I have found:
I like this Read to Self poster using the acronym RIGHT:

Read to Self
You can find the rest of Leslie's free posters here :)

I found this stamina graph and plan to use it this year. I like it because it shows progression or digression over days:
You can find the rest of Mrs. Magee's free stamina graphs here :)

The one little bitty part that I have struggled with is not making eye contact when they are building stamina and I am at my reading/ small group table. Usually the behavior is fixed once I give "the look" but does it take away from their self-monitoring? Please tell me you do the same thing :)

After some self-reflection and pondering, I have decided that my kiddos sometimes need more help knowing what the literacy activities are supposed to look like and sound like. So, I came up with these: The Daily 5 Literacy Choice Picture Displays. A mouthful, I know, but basically a way for students to show you their thinking and a way for you to display the correct behaviors as ongoing models.
get the rest of them here 
I will leave you with one more: "Your brain will be very busy when you are reading!" (p. 48) Don't you just love that quote?!

What will you do differently with implementing Read to Self this year than you have done in the past?

P.S. If this wasn't enough, or you just want need MORE, you can also find me guest posting at Tori's Teacher Tips...please come check it out!! That's right, double-duty, baby!!

ONE more thing...I have a winner for my 200 Facebook Followers and 100 Blog Followers Giveaway!!! Yes, there can only be one...Susan F...your goodies have been sent your way...enjoy!

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