Thursday, April 2, 2015

I can't stay calm, I'm getting married next month!

While I would like to say my absence from my blog was due to being ensconced neck-high in my classroom and shaping the minds of young ones, that would be an untruth. It's actually due to the fact that I'm engaged...and in case you didn't hear me, I'M ENGAGED! my best Monica-Gellar-screaming-from-the-balcony-voice...

While this is not "new" news (I got engaged a year ago in April), this is my first post about our upcoming nuptials. And, I guess you could say my final fitting in my wedding dress and knowing that it is hanging in my daughter's old bedroom ready to be worn Not to mention getting daily RSVPs (I let my hubby-to-be open up - it's like Christmas for him everyday), the final sit-downs with the DJ, cake baker, church coordinator, and Deacon to keep me happily busy as the countdown approaches - 44 days from today...but who's counting?!

I'm sure all the brides-to-be and newly marrieds out there can attest to that!

But, luckily for me, my future hubby has attended every single bridal show, taste-testing (well, that's a given), dance lesson, and vendor appointment. It's been wonderful for those times when my head was spinning, and I could simply look at him and say "you decide." That man is so uh-mazing! Which is why I'm kinda fond of him!

I truly am beyond blessed! I hope you are looking forward to what the new spring season has in store for for me, I'll be tallying RSVPs and ordering champagne glasses, the flowers girl's basket, making church programs...