Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Break and Organizing

Please note: this post is unrelated to teaching, but more of a personal nature :)

Well, I was able to enjoy a three-day getaway to Houston for Spring Break. Why Houston? Well, it's a relatively short (4 hours) drive and is home to a plethora of antique malls and shops.

My boyfriend and I enjoy browsing (and buying), and have pretty much shopped out the few-and-far-between places near our home. We have amassed quite a collection of our own, so we are quite particular at this point. We visited Houston a couple of years ago and were pleasantly surprised at the number of antique shops and the kind of unique treasures we discovered. So, we decided to return.

Here's what I found on this trip:

Can you see a theme? Which leads me to my next point: home organization. A fellow blogger shared her love of IHeart Organizing and I quickly became a blog stalker. Jen has great tips for those on a budget (I am a teacher - hello!). I decided to finally act upon one of my New Year's resolutions to start organizing my house.

So, I began working on small projects - small space by small space. I purged, cleaned, and organized my hall closet first. I'm quite embarrassed to show the before pictures, but if it inspires someone then it will be worth it :)


I have to admit, I looked in the closet everyday for a week after I was done. It still brings a smile to my face :)


My next project was my kitchen pantry. It is still a work-in-progress, as I still need to label and get a few more storage containers, but I'll share it in its current state. We have sooo much more room now :)

I think I just might be ready to conquer the living room next.

What did you (or will you) do for spring break? What organizational projects have you conquered?


  1. Your organizing looks great! Great job!!


    1. Hi, April. Thank you so much! I appreciate you stopping by :)