Sunday, August 26, 2012

'Twas the Night Before 1st Grade...

Sometimes, after a deep long breath, all you can say is "Wow!" I have neglected my 'lil ol' blog these last few weeks...but, it was all in the name of my soon-to-be-firsties. 

I'm not gonna lie, more than once I thought I was crazy (make that kuh-razy) for deciding to change my classroom theme from beachy (for the last eight years) to Pirates...and more than once, amid all the laminated stacks of papers, haze of E-6000 glue, and the small moments of progress I made daily, I was SO glad I decided to go for it! Here are some teaser pics below...I'll do a honest-to-goodness, top-to-bottom, side-to-side classroom tour later...

So, as I sit here, between batches of Kissing Hand cookies, I sit and reflect on the years past, and the new year that is upon us all. Although I am starting my ninth year (yikes!), I have been a bundle of nerves this past week...excited for what this school year will bring, filled with slight trepidation as our school has a new principal (I have only had one other principal), and trying to bury the dreaded question, "What am I gonna do the first day of school?" No worries, I have that all figured out...(now)...

So, here's a snapshot (ha, ha) of what I have been up to these last few hours, days, and weeks...
Landry's on the pier
why do I look plastic?
I l-o-v-e the beach...

Imagine visiting the Selena memorial, as she overlooks the bay, while her song "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" plays on a fan's smart phone...although it was my third time to visit the memorial, it was still inspiring...

my goodies from Teacher Appreciation Days
my blank canvases... 

I painted these for my daughter's dorm room...JAM is for her and her roomie's initials (J and M) when you put it together, it is the JAM, if you see or hear about any craziness on FB in the "Jam Room," please let me know...(to my daughter, I have eyes everywhere...)

I am such a recycler, but what an eyesore...
duct tape is my new best friend...
making breakfast ahead of time...the flavored water is for my team...
so they look more like feet than Kissing
collection of first week books
first day welcome book :)
Here's to a wonderful year (if you have already started)...and good luck if you start tomorrow like me!! I'd love to hear how your first day went or what you planned for your students as they walked in the door for the first time.


  1. Good luck on your first day back! After FOURTEEN years, the first day of school I'm still a bundle of nerves (and it lasts for a few weeks, until I get to know my kiddos). The cookies look great, I'll let you ship me some. Duct tape is my new obsession, so I love your box! OHHH, and I see one of my FAVORITE peanut butters on your counter! YUMMO!!!

    First Grade and Fabulous

    1. Hi, DeAnne...the cookies went over well with my students and colleagues :) It was a pretty smooth first day, so we'll see how they are once the honeymoon phase wears'll trade cookies for cupcakes ANY day!!

  2. After 25 years, I'm still a bundle of nerves and excitement. Your cookies turned out so much better than my owl cookies...At least they should taste good! Have a great day tomorrow!
    Owl Things First

    1. My oldest is starting her last year of college tomorrow...Where does the time go?!

    2. Awww, Jenny. Your Cricut owls are adorable, though :) I was finally able to eat at my daughter is telling me by as she leaves for college, I'm thinking how is a 15-year-old allowed to drive by herself and go to college five hours away...(she's not really 15, but it seems like that to me, because there's no way she's actually 19...) sigh...the time goes by way TOO fast!!